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How many eyes did Monroe have?

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On July 4, 2017, Fort Monroe hosted a flag ceremony including participants in period attire, a eulogy of President James Monroe, at talk by Elise Harding Davis on the Rush-Bagot Treaty of 1817, and live period music.

For a brochure on the event, click here.  For more information about the Elise Harding Davis talk, click here.  For pictures of the event, click here.

July 11, 2011 Elizabeth Campbell Obituary

The James Monroe Memorial Foundation mourns the loss of our dear friend and long time Trustee, Elizabeth Campbell.  

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 September 2011 13:54
July 7, 2011 Foundation Mourns Passing of Elizabeth Campbell

By G. William Thomas, Jr.,  President,  James Monroe Memorial Foundation

The James Monroe Memorial Foundation mourns the loss of our dear friend and long time Trustee, Elizabeth Campbell.   

Elizabeth Campbell, Photo by Marina Oberlander

She served faithfully for nearly thirty years before being elevated to Trustee Emeritus.   A dozen years ago,  she and Captain Campbell were honored at the Executive Mansion where she received the James Monroe Good Citizenship Medal.   Captain Campbell received the James Monroe Distinguished Public Service Medal.   The medals were presented on behalf of the Monroe Foundation by then United States Representative Thomas Bliley, Jr.  We remember Elizabeth for her tireless service to freedom and patriotic causes, her devotion to helping the less fortunate by the many selfless ways she and the Captain were always quick to help others, and her absolute "sweetness of spirit" and devotion to her family, her community, and country.  We continue to honor and remember the Campbell Family and may our dear Elizabeth receive the Eternal Rest she so richly deserves.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 September 2011 11:36
June 22, 2011 U.S. Navy and OpSail will commemorate Bicentennial of War of 1812 and Star-Spangled Banner with major events in 2012-2015

Bicentennial of the war of 1812We remember our War Secretary James Monroe Monroe.

He, more than anyone else was credited with successfully prosecuting the War of 1812 as both Secretary of State and Secretary of War,  at the same time.  Monroe  was asked by President James Madison to serve as Secretary of War after the burning of the Capitol and White House in 1814.  Monroe's predecessor resigned after telling Madison that "the Federal City could no longer be defended."    

Click here to learn more about Operation Sail and the bicentennial commemoration of the War of 1812 and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner.


Last Updated on Thursday, 23 June 2011 19:48
July 6, 2011 Governor McDonnell Ceremonially Signs Virginia War of 1812 Heritage Trail

The Honorable M. Kirkland Cox, Chairman of the Virginia Commission on the Bicentennial of the American War of 1812, is pleased to announce that Governor Robert F. McDonnell recently ceremonially signed legislation establishing the Virginia War of 1812 Heritage Trail (HB 1602) and authorizing the issuance of a War of 1812 Commemorative License Plate (HB 1603), both chief patroned by Commission member Delegate Christopher K. Peace.   Click here to view the complete press release.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 July 2011 23:59
June 16, 2011 Monroe Foundation President at VA Capitol Bill Signing

 MonroeAt Capitol Bill Signing Ceremony relating to the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 on Thursday,  June 16th,  from left to right:   Delegate Rosalyn Dance of Petersburg, Honorable Walter Craigie of James Madison's Montpelier, and G. William Thomas, Jr., of the James Monroe Memorial Foundation.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 June 2011 19:48
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